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What is a profile/global resume?
  A profile is your resume that will be created based on your information filled by you in yourVidiyarthi account, an enhanced format of your profile forms a Global resume which you can share with recruiters as a URL.
Why should I provide my mobile number?
  To receive more Job alerts via SMS, receive Job drives details and to be connected by recruiters, we need your Mobile number.


Soumy Roy helps numerous students by giving opportunities to attend interviews. It`s a dream come true for me! I wish all the Vidiyarthi candidates the very best upon their search for a successful career and once again kudos to Vidiyarthi team for changing my life!
Suman Maity
Thank you Vidiyarthi for being so interactive and for all the timely updates you provided me. Above all to help me get my DREAM JOB.I must say a dream come true, Vidiyarthi you are the best online recruiters!


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Mainak Paul